Tibet shows ten-year intangible cultural heritage protection results

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June 13 marks the tenth Cultural Heritage Day in China. From June 12 to 19,the Tibet Autonomous Region will hold the Second Exhibition on the Achievements of Tibet's Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection at the Public Art Center of Tibet , China Tibet News reported.

The exhibition aims to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the start of the protection work of Tibet's intangible cultural heritage.

The exhibition features photography works, objects, inheritors' demonstrations, as well as singing and dancing to fully show the region's efforts over the past one decade in the .protection of Tibet's intangible cultural heritage.

On June 1, 2014, Tibet formally issued the "The Implementation Measures of the Tibet Autonomous Region's of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Law of the People's Republic of China", marking a new stage of law-based protection of the intangible cultural heritage protection. The new "Measures" include a survey of the intangible cultural heritage, a directory of the intangible cultural heritage representative items, protection of the inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, and legal responsibilities for overall protection. It not only strengthened the governmental responsibility for protection of intangible cultural heritage, but also proposed to establish a catalogue zoning system at three administrative levels , namely city ( or prefecture) and county ( townor district).

To date, the Tibetan opera and the Epic of King Gesar have been included in UNESCO's World Heritage List . On top of this, a total of 76 items have been listed as state-level intangible cultural heritage, as well as 68 representative inheritors. The content of these items includes ten categories including folk literature,traditional music,dance,drama, folk art,fine arts,medicine which cover all kinds of intangible cultural heritage.