Tibet has 10 national-level Tibetan Opera inheritors

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Tibetan Opera [Photo/China Tibet Online]

Since the Intangible Cultural Heritages Protection Project was initiated in 2005, Tibet Autonomous Region has prioritized the protection and inheritance of ancient Tibetan opera. At present, Tibet has 10 national-level inheritors of Tibetan Opera, Chinatibetnews.com reported.

As the "living fossil" of Tibetan culture, Tibetan Opera has been listed as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. At the same time, seven schools of Tibetan Opera have been selected in the national intangible cultural heritage list, including the Lhasa Shoton Festival which featured the Tibetan Opera; 11 schools of Tibetan Opera were selected in the regional intangible cultural heritage list; nearly 100 art troupes and folk teams were identified as protection units of various levels.

"In order to protect and promote Tibetan Opera, the central and local governments have invested a lot of manpower, materials and financial resources. There have been comprehensive excavation, salvage, survey, protection and development work in different schools of Tibetan Opera throughout the region," said Ngawang Tenzin, deputy director of the Tibet Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center.

To strengthen the infrastructure for protection of Tibetan Opera, Tibet has invested more than 23 million yuan (3.7 million US dollars) in establishing the Tibetan Opera Art Center and Tibetan Opera Exhibition Hall. A further 2 million yuan (322,200 US dollars) has been used in improving the equipments for teams who inherit the national-level Tibetan opera schools.

Since 2009, Tibet has started providing support to folk Tibetan Opera teams. For three consecutive years they had provided more than 100 teams with financial assistance in a bid to improve their costumes and stage props. In addition, nearly 4 million yuan (644,400 US dollars) was invested in not only publishing books and audio and video products, such as

A list of Tibet Opera,

Tibetan Opera Excerpts, and

Tibetan Opera Singing, but also developing digital resources of the "Eight Traditional Tibetan Operas".