Feature: Tenzin’s fun home inn

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In recent years, with the development of the rural tourism projects, an increasing number of tourists are visiting the homes of farmers and herdsmen to experience authentic Tibetan culture and customs.

Tenzin’s home is located in Nyangtran Township of Chengguan Distric, Lhasa, capital of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. Here there are clear streams, beautiful snow-capped mountains, and convenient transportation making it one of the favorite holiday destinations for many local residents and tourists from home and abroad.

Tenzin’s house is a two-story Tibetan-style villa that can accommodate more than ten tourists at once. Tenzin says, "Last fall, my family and I decided to start up a home inn. So we renovated our house. My wife is in charge of cooking for the guests. People love this style of farmhouse, saying that they feels like being home here, and that it is more fun for them than staying in a hotel. This summer more tourists will be coming here, so I am very confident about my future business!"

During holidays, there is a constant stream of visitors arriving at Tenzin’s home inn to go sightseeing. For the guests Tenzin prepared tents, chess tables, chairs, and sleeping mats.

When asked about his monthly income, Tenzin smiled from ear to ear.

"There are eight tents for rent in my home inn. If you calculate that each tent is 100 yuan(16 US dollars) a day the minimum guaranteed net income is 800 yuan (129 US dollars) a day," Tenzin said.

If guests eat and live at the home inn, the income is greater. He really likes making money by working without leaving home, he added.

In Lhasa, participation in rural tourism by families like Tenzin’s to make money is not uncommon. In recent years, Lhasa has vigorously developed rural tourism products such as home inn and intangible cultural heritage exhibition along main tourist transportation lines and in scenic spots. Rural tourism leads local people to have a better life.