Most complete guide to Tibet travel

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How to Travel to Tibet

I.The Sichuan-Tibet Southern Route: the most beautiful scenic road into Tibet


Chengdu (capital city of Sichuan Province)-Lhasa, more than 2,000 km in total distance

Roadside scenery

Xinduqiao: The best place for photos

Ra'og Lake: Filled with beauty like the quiet charm of a woman

Midui Glacier: This highland glacier is a vanishing beauty

Medog County: True paradise

Lulang Township: Like being in a small Swiss town

Ways to travel

Cycle: Cycling is the most difficult way to travel along the Sichuan-Tibet Southern Route, and also takes the most travel time. Even so, every year many riders take on the challenge of the Sichuan-Tibet Southern Route, including many tough girls (July and August is the peak time).

Self-driving: A self-driving tour on the Sichuan-Tibet Southern Route is the most liberating way to travel. However, the Sichuan-Tibet Southern Route has many dangerous road conditions that must be matched by an extremely skillful driver. It is recommended to drive as a team and in an off-road vehicle. Along the way there are many gas stations, so there is no need to worry about running out of gas.

Duration: About 11 days

Best time to travel: Late spring (May, June) and early fall (September, October)

II.The Sichuan-Tibet Northern Route:The road to deeply understand Tibetan culture


Chengdu (capital city of Sichuan Province)-Lhasa, 2412-kilometers in total distance

Roadside scenery

Wolong Town: The hometown of giant panda

SertarFive Science Buddhist Academy: Situated in the mountains, it is the largest schools of Buddhism in the world

Jiaju Tibetan Village: China's most beautiful mountain village

Daofu Tibetan Village: Tibetan architectural masterpieces

Chola Mountain: The genie in a cloud

Dege Printing House: A Tibetan cultural center

Longdeng Grasslands: Like an emerald sea

Road with 99 Turns: Its turns exhibit the many different personalities of China

The Nujiang River Grand Canyon: The Grand Canyon of the east

Ways to Travel

Car: Some people say that to truly drive along the Sichuan-Tibet Route it's best to enter on the National Highway 317 and exit from the National Highway 318. The Sichuan-Tibet Route (National Highway 317) is respected by adventurers as an intense cross-country drive. You cannot miss the beautiful scenery of Sertar County.

Cycle: While cycling along the Sichuan-Tibet Southern Route is like visiting a busy market while the northern route may seem very lonely. Riders rarely encounter others and accommodation is a bit more expensive. There are also greater risks when riding the Northern rather than the Southern route. It is best not to ride alone. A team should have at least 3 people or more.

Best time to travel: Late spring (May, June) and early fall (September, October)

III. Qinghai-Tibet Route, the "Suez Canal" on the Roof of the World


The Qinghai-Tibet Railway: From east to south, Xining city, capital city of Qinghai Province to Lhasa in Tibet. 1,956 km total in distance.

The Qinghai-Tibet Highway: Xining-Lhasa, 1937-km.

Roadside scenery

Train: Take the train all the way over the towering Kunlun Mountain and Mt. Nyenchen Tanglha, across the Chumaer and Tuotuo Rivers. In Hoh Xil No Man Area, Tibetan antelopes roam in herds. The Changtang Grassland and Cona Lake offer a beautiful encounter for travelers to feel the real Tibet from their windows.

Highway: It is said that along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway the view can be monotonous. But this cold desolation that permeates one to their bones gives rise to an uninhibited and majestic feeling unique to the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. You can also enjoy Lake Namstoscenery before arriving in Lhasa.

Ways to Travel

Car: The Qinghai-Tibet Highway has asphalt road and is open all year round. It is the busiest highway to Tibet. Many people said that entering Tibet was difficult, but actually, driving a Xiali car to Tibet via the Qinghai-Tibet Highway can be nice. It is a bit more expensive to eat and sleep at stops along the way.

Train: Visiting Tibet for the first time, save a few limited cases, it is more suitable to take the train to Tibet. Between the Shanghai-Lhasa section, the trip lasts two days with the elevation rises gradually so it is not easy to suffer from highland sickness.

Best Time to Travel: Open all four seasons

IV. Yunnan-Tibet Route: The toad through heavenly beauty


Kunming (capital city of Yunnan Province) to Lhasa, 1,930 km total distance


Dali, Yunnan

Lijiang Shangri-La

Cakalho in Markam County: experience the "Tea-horse Road" here

Zogang and Markam counties: Magnificent landscapes

Bome County: Hosting China's most beautiful glacier

Nyingchi prefecture: Unforgettably pure beauty

Ways to Travel

Cycle: Compared to the Sichuan-Tibet Route the Yunnan-Tibet Route room and board are a bit more expensive, but offer a brilliant view of the culture.

Car: Beautiful scenery along the road is unending- a true driver's paradise. The Yunnan-Tibet Route conditions are complicated, so it is recommended that novices do not drive as a means of entering Tibet.

Best Time to Travel: May-October (Try to avoid July and August)