Tibet cultural and ethical progress: initiation of new trend

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Carrying out socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese dream subject education, forming and maintaining socialist core values, strengthening the construction of civic virtues, building spiritual civilization among the mass, comprehensively deepening minors' ideological and moral construction, steadily promoting voluntary service being institutionalized, etc. Looking back , the work on cultural and ethical construction of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region has fully embodied the policies and decisions of the regional party committee and run through the principal line of cultivating and practicing the socialist core values. Cohering positive energy and initiating new trend, the flower of moral civilization blooms on the snow covered plateau.

Vigorously carrying forward the socialist core values

The important address of Chinese President Xi Jinping is enrichment and development to the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the latest word on localization of Marxism in China. To comprehend scientific connotation of the significant speech and use it to arm our brains as well as guide our practice, Tibetan front of spiritual civilization always takes studying and implementing the speech as the most important political mission.

The socialist core values have inherited the moral gene of Chinese nation. Tibetan front of spiritual civilization cultivates and practices the socialist core values as the basic enterprise and integrates works into activities involving public welfare advertisements of civilized behaviors, moral models selection activities, institutional development in good faith, building of civilized cities and spiritual civilization among the mass.

More than 200 informal discussions, 100 seminars and 150 propagandas of moral models are held within the whole region, which integrate moral proposition into ordinary life of people.

More than 200 billboards, 50 broadcasts and 10 films about civilized behaviors are made, 1500 public service advertisements are published in newspaper and 1000 in radio, 600 in TV.

Comprehensively promoting moral construction

Attaching great importance to moral models’ influence on ordinary people and injecting positive power into social life are the main methods of moral construction.

During the 4th Recognition of Moral Models in T.A.R. 30 ordinary persons are nominated and 12 of them appraised. Recognition papers, medals and bonus are sent, too.

Through various forms, stories of these models are told. Newspapers, radios, TVs, websites and journals work together to create strong atmosphere learning from moral models. The stories are told in work offices, schools, rural areas, social communities, barracks and temples. Neighboring stories are the best textbooks of daily good deeds.

Energetically exploring the construction of good faith system is deployed by T.A.R. Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission. Construction of good faith system is institutionalized and education on prominent moral problems is deepened.

Overall spiritual civilization construction among the mass

Spiritual civilization construction seeks well-being for people and harmony for the society after all. Measures that solve problems and answers to social concern can provide good environment, service and order to the mass. Conscious standard of behavior will be formed when genuine changes in society are felt by people. Overall spiritual civilization construction among the mass can increase the degree of social civilization.

T.A.R. Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission fulfills its duty by organizing and implementing daily supervision, inquiry and evaluation, to ensure civilization jobs being carried out in accordance with the will of the people. Lhasa Office of Spiritual Civilization has established an evaluation system to supervise members of its own. Shigatse has opened special columns in local media stimulating people’s enthusiasm of participating.

Consistently strengthening minors' ideological and moral construction

Focusing on the minors' ideological and moral construction, measures like themed practical activities, building youth’s cultural parks in rural schools, as well as refining sociocultural environment have ensured every teenager growing up with a healthy view of life.

28 youths’ cultural parks in 2013 and 53 in 2014 are built in rural schools. These parks carry out educations on socialist core values, the Chinese dream, patriotism, national unity and ideology and morality. Moreover, activities involving reading, music, dance, sports, painting, handcrafts and science have provided a better platform for rural children.

Psychological counseling rooms are built in middle and primary schools, to provide psychological guidance to teenagers at crucial phase of psychological development. Relevant departments have taken part in joint regulations on entertainment venues and other places to create better cultural environment.

Themed activities like “Kelsang Metok Cup”, which has praised 50 virtue teenagers, “Saluting the National Flag”, “Be a Virtuous Person” and “Learn from Lei Feng” have offered Tibetan teenagers models of being qualified socialist successors.

Volunteer service rooted in T.A.R.

Tiny kindnesses gather into great love. Establishing and perfecting volunteer service organization caneffectively promote institutionalization and normalization of volunteer work. Loving empty-nest elderlies like their own children, greeting migrant workers like their friends, caring for left-behind children like their parents, concerning the disabled like their relatives and helping those who are in needs…A healthy social environment of helping each other is under building.

As the Volunteer Service Regulations of T.A.R. passes deliberation, more than 400 volunteer stations are built within the whole region and the coverage is still enlarging.

Volunteer service activities are vigorously launched by rural work teams and police stations. They help poor families, donate tuition for rural children and clean up public places. There are over 2000 volunteers working for civilized behaviors on traffic, tourism, internet and saving food, as well as about 1800 working for environmental protection, voluntary tree planting and rubbish clearing.

With work of spiritual civilization construction steadily impelled, more and more people begin to feel great changes in their lives and enjoy the happiness brought by civilization and harmony. It is believed that the society will become warmer and sweeter, and the Chinese dream will soon come true.

Editor: Lily Li