Visiting the earthquake-hit Gyirong in Tibet

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"Hello boss, can I get a discount on this string of prayer beads?" Cidan is the only Nepali businessman to remain in Tibet's Gyirong town after the 8.1-magnitude earthquake in Nepal. His shop now once again bustles with activity.

Cidan's shop is mainly engaged in selling Nepali and Indian handicrafts, religious statues, silver and so on, but it also has drinks, biscuits and other foodstuffs. “I have done business in Gyirong for 15 years, I have married and settled down here; Gyirong is my second home”, Cidan said.

In previous years Cidan’s shop made approximately 70O,000 yuan annually in sales. “As a result of the Nepal earthquake, the Zham and Gyirong ports temporarily stopped trading. But I have plenty of stock, so I believe that this year’s business will still be good”, Cidan said.

With daily life and production in the settlements of Gyirong gradually being restored, Shigatse Telecom’s Gyirong Port Branch are preparing to install a wireless router in each settlement, to provide free internet services for the people.

"Now every router can provide broadband speeds of more than 4G, which is very fast!" said Gonggar Wangmu, who is planning to use the internet for her wholesale clothing business until trading in the port resumes.

In the evenings, melodious music can be heard from the Paba Temple Square in Gyirong Town, and people of all ages gather in a circle together to dance merrily to the songs. "Since the tenth day after the earthquake, we have restored the nightly folk dancing circle"; the people of the village said how fun the dancing is.