Testing begins on China's first Tibetan language search engine

Testing of

2016-01-12 14:20

Lhasa opens government service hotline 12345

Lhasa has recently opened a government service hotline 12345, Xinhua reported.

2016-01-12 11:52

Tibet official visits Dingri and Gyirong counties

Gonpo Tashi, standing member of the party committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region, chairman of CPPCC of the Tibet Autonomous Region, party vice chairman, and Director of the Un...

2016-01-12 11:52

A Tibetan girl celebrates birthday by caring about sanitation workers

Tibetan university student celebrates birthday by giving gifts to sanitation workers on Jan 11.

2016-01-12 11:51

Photo story of a Tibetan chef

Because of the enthusiasm stemming from foreign tourists in Lhasa for Tibetan food, he reconsidered the direction of his development – and decided to move forward and establish...

2016-01-08 09:21

Yaks on plateau have been domesticated 7,300 years ago

Researchers found that yaks on Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau have already been domesticated 7,300 years ago.

2016-01-07 10:51

Internet reaches 80 percent of Tibet's villages

More than 80 percent of villages in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region have access to the Internet, according to the latest statistics.

2016-01-05 10:20

School for mountaineering builds home-grown expedition expertise

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and glaciers, the Tibetan Plateau is one of the world's finest destinations for climbers and explorers seeking challenging peaks and rarefied...

2016-01-04 17:49

Farmers irrigate fields in Tibet

Farmers take a rest after irrigating the fields in Linzhou county, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Jan. 2, 2016.

2016-01-04 10:20

Tibet border defense troops organize psychological behavioral training

On the 28th the Shigatse detachment of Tibet’s border defense troops organized a group training activity themed around “releasing inner discomforts and welcoming new challenge...

2015-12-30 15:19

Tibetan medicine manufacturing room into operation in Lhasa

Tibet Autonomous Region Hospital’s Menzikang drug manufacturing laboratory held an inauguration ceremony on Dec. 21.

2015-12-29 15:49

Tibet saw grain and vegetable harvests in 2015

According the most recent data from the Farming and Animal Husbandry Office of Tibet, it was observed that in 2015 Tibet’s grain yield broke through 1 million tons for the firs...

2015-12-29 10:49

Proportion of college student party members in Tibet surpasses 17 pct

The proportion of college student Communist Party members in Tibet has risen to 17.2 percent.

2015-12-28 16:19

Tibet insures urban residents against serious illness

Urban residents in Tibet are now covered by a serious illness insurance.

2015-12-28 14:19

Christmas celebrations across the world

Four year old Syrian girl Nabile wears a Father Christmas hat and beard as she receives a gift.

2015-12-25 16:49


Tibet’s illiteracy rate drops to 0.52%

Latest statistics recently released by the Tibet Education Department show that, to date, Tibet’s illiteracy rate has fallen to 0.52 percent, 0.5 percent lower than at the begi...

2015-12-14 10:18

31 doctors doing service work in Tibet

Thirty one members from the 16th doctors'service group are currently working by relays in Tibet, being dispatched to departments including science and technology, medicine and p...

2015-12-09 09:17

Butter-lamp Day

The Butter-lamp Day is celebrated in Tibet today (Oct. 25 in Tibetan calendar) to commemorate the death of Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism.

2015-12-08 10:17

School makes big strides for Lhasa

The Lhasa-Beijing Experimental Middle School last year sent more than 80 percent of its graduates on to higher education, a remarkable feat for a fledgling institution that just...

2015-12-07 10:17