Story of naked carps in Qinghai Lake

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The Qinghai Lake is China's largest saltwater lake, sitting at 3,200 meters above sea level. The Qinghai Lake naked carp is the only fish that can live in the salty environment of the Qinghai Lake.

Around the end of June each year, the snow on the mountain peaks begins to melt with the rising temperatures. Consequently, the rivers begin to swell. At this time, the Qinghai naked carp begin their annual migration, grouping together in large numbers as they swim upriver, looking for a suitable place to mate.

Shaliu River and Quanji River is relatively shallow but its flow is rapid. From time to time, the naked carp will rest behind rocks before continuing upstream.

When the water becomes deep and the current slows, the carp will seize the opportunity to swim faster with less exertion from resistance.

The Qinghai Lake naked carp are one of the most tenacious of migratory fish, incessantly striving forward, overcoming great obstacles to accomplish their task.

They are capable of overcoming nature's challenges, but manmade dams have become an insurmountable roadblock for them on their journey. Fortunately, however, local fishing industries and researchers have already studied and resolved this problem, establishing tunnels in the dam for fish to make their way through.