Rights of ethnic minorities to participate in state affairs guaranteed: white paper

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The rights of ethnic minorities to participate in the administration of the state are effectively guaranteed, a white paper on Progress in China's Human Rights in 2014 released by the State Information Office said on June 7.

Taking Tibet as example, of the 34,244 deputies to the people's congresses at all four levels, 31,901 persons, or 93 percent, are from the Tibetan or other minority communities.

Tibet has 20 deputies to the National People's Congress, 14 of whom are Tibetans or from other minority groups.

Besides, the number of civil servants from Tibetan and other ethnic minorities keeps increasing.

Tibetans and other ethnic minorities account for 70.53 percent of the government officials in the region, and 73.03 percent of the leaders at county and township levels, the white paper said.

According to the white paper all ethnic autonomous areas enjoy autonomous rights in a wide range of areas in accordance with the law, including local legislative power, flexibility in the execution of relevant state laws and regulations based on the characteristics of each ethnic minority, the right to use their own spoken and written languages, power of personnel and financial management, and the right of independently developing their own culture and education.