Sun Chunlan: Tibetan Buddhist circle should resist separatist activities

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Sun Chunlan conducted an inspection in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region from June 15 to 18. [Photo/China Tibet Online]

Sun Chunlan, member of the Political Buruea of the CPC Central Committee and Minister of the CPC United Front Work Department, conducted an inspection in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region from June 15 to 18, China News Service reported.

Sun Chunlan pointed out that in order to continue on a development path with both Chinese characteristics taking account of the Tibetan local features, Tibet should develop industries with comparative advantages, strengthen its environmental protection, value education and employment, improve the social security system across urban and rural areas, and improve production and livelihoods for people of all nationalities. Tibet should also respect the religious beliefs and customs of people of all nationalities and continue to strengthen people’s affinity with the Chinese nation, Chinese culture, the Communist Party, and the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Sun Chunlan also visited the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple located in Lhasa, as well as Tashilhunpo Monastery located in Shigatse. She said that shortly before, the CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping had warmly received the Panchen Lama, which reflects not only the growing importance and concern he feels towards the Panchen Lama but also the expectations he has for Tibetan Buddhism.

She hopes that Tibetan Buddhist circle will firmly uphold national unity, resolutely resist all kinds of separatist and disruptive activities, actively explore the path of adapting Tibetan Buddhism to the socialist society, expound religious doctrine according to the requirements of the times, and that it will play an active role in promoting economic and social development in Tibet.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region, which was established on Sept. 1, 1965.