Q&A on Tibet travel: food and drink

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What do you need to know when you come to Tibet for the first time? Here are some tips for the first-timers.

20.) What are the dining options in Tibet aside from Tibetan cuisine?

A: The most common type of food in Tibet aside from the local cuisine is Sichuan food, but there are also Nepalese, Indian and Western dining options. There is no KFC, Pizza hut or McDonald's in Tibet and the only fast food option is Dicos.

21.) What is Tibetan food like?

A: The most commonly seen foodstuffs in Tibetan cuisine, derived from the local farming industry, are: carrot and yak meat stew, lamb, silverweed cinquefoil root rice, Tibetan barley bread(zanba, or known as roasted highland barley flour), catipillar fungus and matsutake chicken, buttered highland barley, yogurt mixed with rice, beef curry rice and dried beef jerky.

22.) What kind of Tibetan snacks are there in Tibet?

A: Tibetan snacks are very unique, including Tibetan noodles, Tibetan dumplings, Tibetan steamed stuffed buns, sweet tea, buttered tea, bean jelly, cold noodles, friend potato strips, yak yogurt, beef paddy cake, milk dregs and yogurt ice cream.

23.) Is buttered tea and sweet tea good to drink?

A: Buttered tea and sweet tea are both common beverages in Tibet. The sweet tea goes down easy, and there are those who feel at the taste of the buttered tea has somewhat of a gamey flavor; however, the buttered tea does help with the elevation sickness to a certain extent, so it'd be wise to at least try some.

26.) Can I use coinage in Tibet?

A: In Tibet you can only use paper currency.